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But if you don’t know a consultant and don’t want to commit to a Lularoe consultant or FB group, do some Googling. Joolz Fashion  (F): This Etsy seller is based in Australia and does some great work with plus sizes and stretchy fabric. She does a lot of leggings and skater dresses. (Think Black Milk, but for women with curves). Her sale section is pricy, but she makes her own prints and all the clothes in the shop. Sourpuss  (M & F): LOVE Sourpuss. This season their sale section is filled with skulls, and tombstones and even pentagrams if that’s your thing. Iron Fist  (F): No, not THAT Iron Fist. This one is a quirky vintage repro shop, not a Marvel property. Their sale section is filled with skeleton sweaters. Also, THE SHOES.

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