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ชุดคู่รัก ราคาถูก

For those in the latter stages of the disease the only option can be to have the voice box removed, leaving the patient without a voice. Replacement prosthetic voice boxes can cost up to $1,000 (£750) which for many patients is unaffordable. "The majority of our healthcare is private and cost prohibitive. That was the reason that I felt that there was a dire need to actually help these patients speak again, because speech is a right and not a privilege," says Dr Rao who is a surgical oncologist at Health Care Global in Bangalore. Naryan Swami had his voice box removed as a result of cancer, and not being able to speak had a huge impact on his life. "I was a union leader in the company I worked for. I used to help other workers. Without my voice I was useless for them," he says. "Losing my voice was losing my life, I wanted to kill myself. I couldn't do anything that I enjoyed." After consultations with patients like Mr Swami, Dr Rao started to wonder if there was something more he could do to help. When a friend asked him why he didn't design his own affordable voice box, it was the push he needed, and along with a friend, Shashank Mahes who is an industrial engineer, they set to work researching and developing.


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ชุดคู่รัก ชุดคู่รัก ราคาถูก

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