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This file photo taken on October 15, 2014 shows Ken Tsang (C), a member of the Hong Kong pro-democracy political group Civic Party, being taken away by policemen outside the central government offices in Hong Kong The ruling said Mr Tsang suffered injuries to his face, neck and body, but that these did not amount to "grievous bodily harm". Image copyright Reuters Image caption A video filmed by the Apple Daily newspaper appeared to show officers beating a handcuffed protester, later identified as Ken Tsang The police officers could face up to three years in jail. One officer was also convicted of assault for slapping Mr Tsang twice later on at a police station. Defence lawyer Lawrence Lok had argued that the protests had affected police morale, saying that one of the officers who watched the violence had been physically and verbally abused by protesters. "Human frailties resulted in the transgression of seven police officers," he said. Last year Mr Tsang was found guilty of assaulting and resisting officers on the same evening. He splashed an unknown liquid on police and was handed a five-week sentence. Image copyright EPA Image caption Supporters of Hong Kong's police gathered outside Wan Chai District Court Police in Hong Kong are generally well-respected and incidents of violence are rare. Mr Tsang's beating caused public outrage amid the pro-democracy rallies. The 2014 protests saw 79 days of student-led demonstrations and street occupations by protesters seeking fully free elections for Hong Kong's leaders.

+6 1. OOTD Magazine (@ootdmagazine) Do you ever feel like you have nothing in your closet, no idea what to wear to a specific event or even just coffee with your bestie? OOTD Magazine has perfect amount of style inspiration for anyones desires. From business casual to edgy street style, they offer the perfect amount of #OOTD images that will get your creative juices flowing while digging through your closet, trying to find the perfect outfit. +6 2. Lauren Kawano (@laurenkawano) This is by far one of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow, perhaps because I adore her style. Lauren provides the perfect blend of edgy but chic vibes with all of her looks and posts. With mostly street style attire, she gives you inspiration for days, literally.

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